The ECMC Network is made up of Centres across the UK - both adult and paediatric - and is dedicated to supporting pioneering, early-stage clinical trials and translation of scientific discoveries into new cancer treatments for patients. Here you can filter by expertise to find out more about the work of each of our ECMCs.

Adult Network

The ECMC Network aims to act as an efficient and effective network that will assist in the delivery of early phase cancer studies between research partners to enable faster and more personalised patient benefit. There are 18 Adult Centres.

Paediatric Network

The Paediatric Network works in partnership to enable study recruitment, including pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamics, biomarker and imaging studies, to facilitate to development of targeted therapies and improve the outcome for high risk childhood cancers.

ECMC Trials

The trials that are presently being carried out throughout the ECMC Network are listed here. The Network is constantly looking for help in speeding up patient recruitment through referrals and/or openings at additional sites.