ECMC industry partnerships are vital in driving the development of the cancer drugs for tomorrow, and the UK has an incredibly strong science foundation from which to adapt to the latest scientific breakthroughs.

The ECMC brings together world-class pockets of expertise in each of its Centres, and provides industry partners the opportunity to collaborate with academia to obtain access to cutting-edge, early-stage innovation, and integration with clinical Centres run by outstanding academic Leads.

If you wish further information about how to become involved, email our Programme Manager.


Working with Industry

The ECMCs play a leading role in speeding up the process of cancer treatments development and the search for prognostic, predictive, and pharmacological cancer biomarkers that help move towards personal treatment.

Experimental Medicine in the UK

In December 2011, the Life Sciences Strategy made a commitment to ensure that the UK becomes re-established as a global leader in the science sector. Alongside his promise came a ten-year Strategy for UK Life Sciences.

World-Class Science

The UK has an incredibly strong science foundation, and its health sciences sector is constantly changing to adapt to the latest scientific breakthroughs, technologies, and new models of disease diagnosis and treatments.
Combination strategy is an evolving field, the evolution is exponential and we will need to team up with other companies to conduct more cross company collaborations and expand use of ECMC, the ECMC Network is tailor made for cross company collaborations
Oncology R&D leader