Major initiatives

The power of the ECMC Network is demonstrated through pioneering initiatives that have a strong emphasis on collaboration. Networking is key to transform the way early phase trials are conducted, and over the last few years, the ECMCs have established themselves and become key component of the cancer research infrastrucutre in their locations.   Networking through the Centres has been facilitated through major initiatives such as Combinations Alliance, the Trial Harmonisation Programme and Stratified Medicine.

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Trial Harmonisation

The aim of the ECMC Trial Harmonisation Programme (ETHP) is to streamline trial delivery for UK-wide early phase cancer studies by establishing a single operational framework across all the ECMCs, enabling consistent and unified trial management processes across the Network.

Stratified Medicine

CRUK's Stratified Medicine Programme is a move towards making targeted therapies available for cancer patients. Phase I gives the feasibility of a high quality, standardised, and cost-effective national cancer diagnostic service, and Phase II extends the model nationally.

Combinations Alliance

A joint initiative between the CRUK and the ECMC Network, the Combinations Alliance supports industry collaboration to deliver combination studies of novel agents to provide an opportunity and consistent framework for academia and industry to work together in the UK.