Innovating for people affected by cancer is at the heart of what we do.

The ECMC Network brings together world-leading scientists and clinicians who drive the discovery and testing of new, more effective treatments.

We owe huge gratitude to the people who take part in early phase trials - often the first patients to be given a new cancer treatment - helping to ensure that discoveries in the lab become treatments of the future.

What are clinical trials?

Read more about clinical trials, why they are so important, how they are run, and how they progress theories from the laboratory to new treatments for patients.

Patients and Public

The development of new treatments relies on patients who are willing to take part in trials. Find out about the important role of patients in research and how you can participate.

About our work

Learn more about the work of the ECMC Network and what it means for people with cancer. Take a look at some of our trials and how they contribute to the treatments of tomorrow.

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