ECMC researchers are world-leading scientists and clinicians who drive the discovery andĀ development of new treatments to combat cancer. ECMC funding supports over 200 staff involved in early phase trials and translational research, including Laboratory Technicians, Research Nurses, Pathologists, and Pharmacists.

Who we fund

The ECMC team is made up of a skilled team of professionals across the laboratory-based and clinical fields. They work together to bring a wide variety of experience and expertise to achieve one shared goal: better treatment and outcomes for people with cancer.

Training Opportunities

The training directory is a resource for all ECMC staff. Find out about events hosted by the ECMC Network, as well as other training opportunities across the UK. Contact the ECMC Programme Office if you wish to advertise courses.

Success Stories

The ECMC initiative supports innovative, high quality work from our researchers. Across the board, ECMC have contributed to cutting-edge trials and studies, enabling better treatments for patients.